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Top Five Kettle Bells for Beginners  The best ones of 2017

If you are a beginner and want a perfect workout option then certainly kettle bells can be the best option for your exercise. If you are still confused with the products then you can also go to your trainer and ask them, but all they will ask you to get is kettle bells.



Using kettle bells can help you get stronger in the joints, also engages in a muscle of the body. Indeed it also helps burning the calories in your body at an instant rate. In fact, kettle bells are as effective as it targets to aspects the fitness in the body including all the strength and the endurance power.



So, I would like to suggest you if you haven’t begin yet then kettle bell will help you to work out being a beginner.



Best Kettle Bells for Beginners:



Here is the best five handpicked kettle bells for the beginners, checkout.



1. SPRI Deluxe Vinyl Kettle bell: the latest SPRI kettle bell is designed in such a way that the user can handle it with comfort. Its iron bells are coated with vinyl as that will help to protect the floors. This product is an ideal exercise tools for both group training and personal. You can use this tool for squats, cleans jerks, rotational swing, throws and snatches.



Pros: The vinyl coating helps to prevent the floor damage. The handle are enough for the perfect and comfort grip. It also helps to develop the muscular strength.
Cons: The product seems to be slide lighter than other kettle bell.

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2. Rep Fitness Kettle bells for Cross Fit: If you are looking for the better quality within your budget, then this product will impress you. The handles made up on this product are not welded; in fact it is machined flat bottoms. It is also designed in such a way that the user can single cast for maximum durability.



Pros: The handles are smooth on this product. Flat bottoms are good for push up and the Matte powder coated finish gives the best durability.
Cons: The grip is not coated with rubber, as this can be tricky while doing exercise. And also, it does not have the floor protection coating.



3. GoFit Premium Vinyl Dipped Kettle Bell: This product GoFit Kettle bell is made of solid cast iron as a single piece including both the body and the handle. The Kettle Bell is coated with the vinyl thick rubber for the easy floor protection. The handle is sanded textured for the perfect grip during the exercise. 



Pros: Coated with textured for the perfect griping.

Cons: No comfortable handle to grip though, it is a female’s product.



4. Fitness Republic Vinly Coated Kettle bells: You can grab this round shaped weights that can perfectly sculpt your muscles in a classy manner those who are looking for low weight kettle belt. Using this product will give you best comfort grip during the exercise.



Pros: It has got the flat bottom, as that prevents from rolling and also the weight is storable. It is coated with vinyl.
Cons: It is too light for men.



5. Perform Better First Place Gravity Cast Iron Kettlebell: This product will certainly impress you, it is made up of cast iron with no welded including the hadle and the body. It is also heavy enough for you to strength up the muscles.



Pros: The bottom of this kettle bell is made in such a way that it don’t skid and it is attached to the durable rubber.
Cons: It can be difficult for porting for female, as it is heavy.



These are the few best collections of kettle bells for beginners. If you are one of those haven’t start yet, then it is the best time that you can get this product and start shaping and strengthen your muscles.



Now, if you are looking for the light-weight Fitness Republic Vinly Coated Kettle bells is a good one to grab and for heavy kettle bells Rep Fitness Kettle bells for Cross Fit is a perfect one to buy.